1. The problem with pandering

    Being authentic has significant added value. The next generation of consumers can ‘sense’ this and will latch on.

    No longer do we like to be sold to. We want to be part of a community, and for us to make the decisions (pull) as opposed to it being crammed at us (push)

  2. The problem with pandering

  3. Moving to private domain with wordpress. This (Tumblr) blog will close

  4. Seriously awesome and very creative. Love from 2.30 onwards. Makes me miss Japan - Mind Shift by Genki Sudo(World Order)

  5. What are some great stories about Steve Jobs?

    Some awesome stories on Steve Jobs and some connections he has had with others #Quora

    (Click on the headline to access Quora)

  6. Poking vs. Poking Holes

    An interesting post that explores my favorite mantra ‘never stop learning’ but in a different light.

    My takeaway - Have the curiosity to poke around and explore but also the confidence to poke holes, be different and make a statement.

  7. Poking vs. Poking Holes

  8. The forever recession (and the coming revolution)

    The economy is always going to move forward - question is, are you a part of it?

  9. Welcome to infinity

    Whilst Seth make a good point that we can potentially reach ‘infinite’ people in the digital space, I think it’s more about improving access to those that matter to you.

    It is becoming increasingly easier for customers/readers/etc to tune out. This is a battle to be relevant.

  10. Retail Salespeople Win by Mimicking Customers